Knative steering committee

The Knative Steering Committee (SC) defines, evolves, and defends the vision, values, mission, and scope of the project. The Steering Committee is a work-in-progress.


  • Non-technical project oversight

    • Define policy for the creation and administration of community groups, including Working Groups and Committees.

    • Define and evolve project governance structures and policies, including project role assignment and contributor promotion.

    • Approve members of the Tech Oversight Committee.

  • Management of project assets

    • Control access to, establish processes regarding, and provide a final escalation path for any Knative repository.

    • Guided by the TOC for normal business.

    • Control and delegate access to and establish processes regarding other project resources/assets not covered by the above, including web sites and their domains, blogs, social-media accounts, etc.

    • Manage the Knative brand to decide which things can be called “Knative” and how that mark can be used in relation to other efforts or vendors.

Committee Mechanics

The committee’s operation and charter may be changed by unanimous consent of committee members.

In case of extended absence, an absent member will be considered to be in agreement after 8 days have passed since a proposal was accepted by all present members. An absent member may appoint a single delegate during absences.

Committee Members

The members of the Steering Committee are shown below. Membership in the SC is determined by current level of contribution to the project. Contribution is periodically reviewed to ensure proper recognition.

  Member Company Profile
DeWitt Clinton Google @dewitt
Mark Chmarny Google @mchmarny
Tomas Isdal Google @isdal

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