gRPC server - Go

A simple gRPC server written in Go that you can use for testing.


   git clone -b "release-0.6" knative-docs
   cd knative-docs/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go

Build and run the gRPC server

First, build and publish the gRPC server to DockerHub (replacing {username}):

# Build and publish the container, run from the root directory.
docker build \
  --tag "{username}/grpc-ping-go" \
  --file=docs/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/Dockerfile .
docker push "{username}/grpc-ping-go"

Next, replace {username} in sample.yaml with your DockerHub username, and apply the yaml.

kubectl apply --filename docs/serving/samples/grpc-ping-go/sample.yaml

Use the client to stream messages to the gRPC server

  1. Fetch the created ingress hostname and IP.

    # Put the Host name into an environment variable.
    export SERVICE_HOST=`kubectl get route grpc-ping --output jsonpath="{.status.domain}"`
    # Put the ingress IP into an environment variable.
    export SERVICE_IP=`kubectl get svc istio-ingressgateway --namespace istio-system --output jsonpath="{.status.loadBalancer.ingress[*].ip}"`
    1. Use the client to send message streams to the gRPC server (replacing {username})
    docker run -ti --entrypoint=/client{username}/grpc-ping-go \
     -server_addr="${SERVICE_IP}:80" \
     -server_host_override="${SERVICE_HOST}" \